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Junior Ski and Ride School

The Rossignol Junior Ski & Ride School (JSRS) at Greek Peak is well known for its children’s ski and snowboard lessons and programs. Designed for children ages 3 – 14 years, JSRS ski and snowboard lessons challenge exploration of the mountain, test limits and encourage children to make smart choices, stay safe and have fun. Instructors encourage improvement, and nurture confidence during ski and snowboard lessons. Most of all, JSRS Instructors show that skiing and snowboarding is a fun sport, while at the same time ensuring that your child is learning in a safe and positive environment. Children are grouped by age and/or ability in an atmosphere that fosters comradeship and new friendships. The Rossignol Junior Ski & Ride School motto is “Safety first, then fun – all while learning!”

Jr SKi and Ride Program at Greek PeakThe Rossignol Junior Ski and Ride School is centrally located and features its own food service, ticket counter and rentals, as well as a spacious babysitting facility to care for your infants and toddlers. Many Pee Wee lessons start or finish with a visit to babysitting with our experienced staff seamlessly managing the exchange.

First time lessons start in Magic Carpet Land, a specially designed “ski bowl” that makes learning to ski and snowboard easy and fun. Our child-friendly Magic-Carpet uses a flat conveyer belt to gently glide new skiers to the top. Some children like riding up as much as they do skiing down!

Once the Magic Carpet is mastered, it’s off to the Boardwalk or the Alpha Slope to link turns and learn to control speed. Once these skills are mastered its on to the next step with easy trails like Castor or Karyatis (see our trail map). In no time at all your child will be skiing or snowboarding the entire mountain!

Advanced ski or snowboard lessons help your child master the finer points of skiing or riding. By learning in a group setting, children not only learn from their instructor, but learn from other children in the group. This fun atmosphere will engage even the most timid child, while building confidence and skill. Skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities have benefited from private lessons with a pro from the Greek Peak Ski and Ride School.


Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance. We appreciate you taking the time to make a reservation; it helps to better serve the needs of your children. Reservations are non-refundable on all babysitting and lesson programs, please check our hours of operation for current open hours.

Register online for a PeeWee or JSRS Reservation.

Helpful Tips for Ski and Ride School Guests

  • On busy weekends and holidays, plan to get to the mountain early, especially if you have children enrolling in lessons and/or if you need rental equipment.
  • Parents enrolling in the Rossignol Junior Ski & Ride School programs are urged to arrive on time.
  • To insure the best results for your child and you, please give accurate information (ages, abilities, etc.) to our experienced staff.
  • Please remember that one parent should remain on the mountain while a child is in any program, or should be reachable by phone in case of an emergency. (Medical Release Forms are Available at the Junior Ski & Ride School.)
  • Dress in layers; more is better than less.
  • When it is extremely cold on the mountain due to temperature or wind chill, classes will take frequent breaks to prevent frostbite.
  • Remember to use sunscreen and protective eyewear on sunny days.